Kim André Akerø
IT Technician
Programming Languages

Versions 7.x and above

Bash shell scripting

Still learning

IT Systems/Environments

Great proficiency in server environment, especially on Ubuntu/Debian-based distributions

Windows Server

Decent proficiency on editions from 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019

Windows desktop

Advanced experience with all versions from Windows 3.x up to Windows 10

Web hosting environments

Good at setting up and managing web hosting in general, prefers using either LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP) and LEMP (Linux+nginx+MySQL+PHP), depending on client needs

Language Skills



Secondary language, almost as good as native


Good understanding


Fair understanding


Basic understanding

Self-taught IT technician, highly adaptable to anything IT-based, and flexible with a lot of other things (depending on what they are).

The issue with being self-taught, is also a lack of documentation on those skills, but I do get by.

Work Experience
Product Manager, IT
IntraHouse ASOct 2003 - today

System administrator tasks (company-wide IT infrastructure), project management

Owner (self-employment)
Betadome Digital MediaApr 2000 - today

Various consultant work in the IT field, including system administration/management, web design/development, technical support for users, etc.

NOTE: To ensure non-competitiveness with IntraHouse, I will only accept work through Betadome Digital Media when contact has been initiated by the client using contact information specific to the business, and I will not offer my self-employed services to existing or recent customers of IntraHouse.